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Well, hello again, I decided to post a historical article, so as to not expect any comments or replies for this effort. I believe the blog is dying because of lack of participation.

Franz Kuhn

3 Responses to “History”

  1. Steven Yannaras says:

    This blog is a great idea, it just needs more promotion and visibility to get off the ground.

    Perhaps emailing the listserv whenever new articles are posted would help generate more traffic and participation.

  2. Felipe Urdaneta says:

    Thanks for the feedback. I agree with you 100%. I have send mass e-mails announcing the posts, and I even made the statement that I would be posting every Tuesday, but there seems to be very little interest. But I also said that as long as one person reads it, I will keep doing it.

  3. Heidi Goldstein says:

    Thanks for the very interesting article !
    Since the mid-80s, the German Society for Anesthesia & Intensive Care Medicine (DGAI) has been awarding the yearly “Franz-Kuhn-Medal” for (typically non-anesthesia) personalities that help to further develop the field of Anesthesia/Intensive Care Medicine/Pain Management. Just like the name-giver of this medal did in his time !


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