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But the patient has GERD… Can and should you even consider a SGA?

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If you have followed the blog, perhaps you have read the articles that deal with the issues of GERD and airway instrumentation. This article deals with this issue again. I suspect that it will lead to controversy… bring it on!

SGA and increased esophageal pressure

2 Responses to “But the patient has GERD… Can and should you even consider a SGA?”

  1. William Smith says:

    The other question is how effective are the devices when the LMA’s are not placed in the ideal anatomical location (i.e. a twist at the end or drainage tip not in the esophageal opening).

  2. Felipe Urdaneta says:

    Good question. Recently the people that use SGA’s a lot, actually recommend leaving the drainage inside throughout the case, to ID the possibility of movement. This becomes crucial in cases that the LMA is used and the patient is for example prone.


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