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Handling the patient with potential or with known cervical spine issues

The issue of elective/urgent/emergency airway management of patients with cervical spine issues is always a challenge and often comes out during oral boards questions. The bad thing is that there are multiple theories, methods, controversies and dangers etc… associated with this issue (reason why they love to ask these kind of questions)…..and those remain; the good thing is that we have made some progress and there are fortunately newer alternative methods available to handle the airway that are being used more commonly. The present post (requested by Adam Fier) is designed to give you some recent articles to show some relatively new alternatives of handling the airway in patients with or potential cervical spine conditions. I look forward to your comments.

Airtraq vs. CTrach

EMS and VL

Glidescope and Cervical Collar

Mac vs Airtraq

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