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Posted: Feb 28th, 2015 •• Category: Education

Randomized controlled studies in airway topics… how common are they?

Posted: Jan 12th, 2010 •• Category: Education, Intubation, Techniques, Uncategorized

Despite some considering the airway as “the cornerstone of anesthesia” if one looks closely, the amount of RCS on the subject, actually are very, very rare. Doing studies on the airway is perhaps inherently difficult because the stakes of things going the wrong way are basically too high. The majority of the literature or information […]

Can’t intubate, can’t ventilate… are you and your institution ready?

Posted: Jan 5th, 2010 •• Category: Education, Techniques

Take a look at this interesting article from the U.K. They identified a problem and saw an opportunity to improve. Imagine if you will this study was done in Gainesville; wherever you worked today,last week, last month, do you know the location of the D.A cart? Do people that would be in charge of assisting […]

Interesting and Timely topic

Posted: Dec 22nd, 2009 •• Category: Education, Intubation, Techniques, VideoLaryngoscopy

The judge gave the verdict of… guilty. We are not currently doing this and I somewhat agree with the author. It would be interesting to see if you think we should and the issue of how, naturally comes to mind. Look forward to your comments. Glidescope letter

To “cuff or not to cuff”?… much ink has been used to attempt to answer this question

Posted: Nov 17th, 2009 •• Category: Education, Pediatric

I am hungry for your participation and contributions. I am specially seeking the wisdom of our Pediatric colleagues regarding this eternal question/debate/feud of whether pediatric patients should get cuffed vs. uncuffed ETT’s. Peds Cuff vs. Uncuffed ETT’s cuff vs no cuff

To further add to the complexity of airway management in OB patients

Posted: Oct 22nd, 2009 •• Category: Education, Intubation, Techniques

The difficulties, morbidity and mortality associated with airway management and obstetrics, lead to a culture shift, and regional anesthesia and specifically neuro-axial blocks are very often used to provide anesthesia in this patient population. This brings an interesting question.How to maintain skills, gain experience and train residents in the dying art of GA in obstetrics? […]

D.A. Algorithm @ UF. Survey 10-09

Posted: Oct 13th, 2009 •• Category: Education

Survey attitude towards the ASA D.A algorithm @UF  (Actually realistically the response was not that great, so in truth I could have taken the “UF” out)


Posted: Jun 20th, 2009 •• Category: Education, Techniques

In 1951 Morton and Wylie described the technique of rapid IV administration of a barbiturate and a muscle relaxant almost simultaneously followed by intubation with a cuffed endotracheal tube “to prevent regurgitation or vomiting of gastric contents”. Later in 1971 Stept and Safar reported a fifteen-step technique to prevent “regurgitation, vomiting and aspiration during Induction […]

Expanding Role and importance of SGA’s (LMA in particular) for Airway Management

Posted: May 19th, 2009 •• Category: Education, SGA, Techniques

As discussed with some of you, we live, work and train at a place that is ultra conservative in the use of SGA’s for airway management. In the “real world” the role of SGA’s and the LMA is different and expanding. We have to learn from these people and their experiences. Be open minded. Look […]

Relevant and timely articles

Posted: May 5th, 2009 •• Category: Education, Techniques

What if you are called to handle the airway of a patient with suspected swine flu virus infection? Do you know what to do and what precautions to take for yourself? We can only learn from the most recent past and the SARS epidemic. SARS Experience and DA SARS a practical approach