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Handling the patient with potential or with known cervical spine issues

Posted: Dec 15th, 2009 •• Category: Trauma, VideoLaryngoscopy

The issue of elective/urgent/emergency airway management of patients with cervical spine issues is always a challenge and often comes out during oral boards questions. The bad thing is that there are multiple theories, methods, controversies and dangers etc… associated with this issue (reason why they love to ask these kind of questions)…..and those remain; the […]

RSA… I do not know if I like this one

Posted: Oct 26th, 2009 •• Category: SGA, Techniques, Trauma

Several posts in this site have dealt with controversies surrounding RSI. There are many unsolved issues (cric vs. no cric, ventilate vs. not ventilate, to use N.M relaxants outside the O.R vs. not use them, etc…) the truth is that more questions than answers exist. But how about this new concept coined in 2007 by […]